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Medication Management Form

This form allows you to keep track of all important information about your family member’s medication. Review and update your family member’s list of medications every time any doctors or nurse practitioners prescribe new medications, remove a drug, or change dosages of any medication! Review this list with the medical team at admission to and discharge from hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, and home care. For each new medication, make sure that:

• You understand the instructions related to the medication.

• You understand why your family member needs to take it.

• You are aware of possible side effects and danger signs.

• The doctor, pharmacist, or nurse answered all your questions about this medication.

Medication Management Form

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Disposing of Medications:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has easy-to-follow directions on how to dispose of unused medications. Some medications should be flushed down the toilet, others should be put into the garbage. A summary is here. More details, including a listing of what specific medications should be flushed, is here.

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