Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Working Together

Outpatient Care

What You Need to Know

Dealing with health care in the community can feel like a juggling act. As a family caregiver, making an appointment for your family member to see a doctor may be the easy part. After that, you may be arranging a home care worker to go with your family member or to come early to get your family member ready. Or you may be arranging transportation, or a friend to pick your child up from school, while a colleague covers for you at work. There may be insurance referrals, co-pays, and other issues.

These Next Step in Care guides and tools can help you manage medical care in the community.

Doctor Visits

Your Family Member's Personal Health Record

Medication Management

Medication Management Form

Emergency Room (ER) Visits

Urgent Care Centers

Advance Directives

Hospice and Palliative Care

Care Coordination

Getting a Post-Discharge Appointment in 7 Days

A Family Caregiver's Planner for Care at Home

LGBT Caregiving

Durable Medical Equipment

As you think about the next steps, guides in these other categories may also help:

The Hospital           Discharge Planning

Rehabilitation and Subacute Care          Care at Home

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