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Discharge Planning

Discharge to home, or the end of home care, can be hard for all involved. After discharge, family caregivers often assume many responsibilities, often for the first time.These guides cover the essential elements of discussing discharge options with family caregivers, including discharges from hospital to home, hospital to rehab, rehab to home, rehab to long term care, and the end of home care.

To see the impact of not communicating effectively with family caregivers regarding discharge, see Discharge Planning Is a Family Affair.

Going Home: What You Need to Know (discharge checklist for family caregivers)

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Effectively assisting a family caregiver - especially in today's time- and resource-strapped system - is a skill. "Family Caregiver in Crisis: Using Next Step in Care" demonstrates how in just a few minutes you can educate, support, and empower a family caregiver dealing with the sudden hospitalization of her father.

Guides for family caregivers (below, in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese) have facts to help the family caregiver prepare for that transition. They provide information about the discharge process and steps that need to be taken in preparation for the transition.

Hospital-to-Home Discharge Guide


Short-Term Rehab Services in an Inpatient Setting

When Short-Term Rehab Turns into a Long-Term Stay

When Home Care Ends

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