Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Working Together

For Health Care Providers

What Do Family Caregivers Need?

Going home from a hospital or rehab requires planning. This form was developed to help health care providers complete a necessary basic caregiver needs assessment in hospital, nursing home, and home health agencies. A caregiver needs assessment is necessary to create a realistic and sustainable plan for the next step in care (after discharge).  It can be created in a collaborative manner with family caregivers. This form should be completed with the person who will manage and/or provide most of the care after the patient’s discharge. A provider companion that provides guidance about the process is also available.

What Do You Need as a Family Caregiver? (staff versions, suitable for medical records - use as a guide for conversation with family caregiver, so family caregiver is assessing his/her own needs):

What Do I Need as a Family Caregiver? (family caregiver version) download pdf

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Medications are an essential part of a whole spectrum of issues the family caregiver is coping with. To see the impact of medication changes, rushed discharges, and unanswered questions, see   Discharge Planning Is a Family Affair.

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