Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Working Together

Hospital to Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Provider's Prespective

The transition from acute care (hospital) to subacute care (rehab) is often difficult and disorienting to patients and their family caregivers. They are confronted by different norms, rules, and expectations. Family caregivers can be important allies in this transition, but they need information and guidance.

While transition protocols include the transfer of patient information from providers at the sending facility to those at the receiving end, it is equally crucial to involve family caregivers in decision making and prepare them for the next step in care at the rehab facility.

The materials created in this section address the family caregiver’s needs for information and assistance when planning for discharge and the discharge from the hospital, and the materials for admission, planning for discharge, and discharge from the rehab facility. There are also guides about options related to the Next Step in Care, after discharge.

These guides are designed to facilitate discussions between family caregivers and health care professionals so that transitions in care can be better coordinated, smoother and safer. Each of the guides and forms can be downloaded and printed based on the needs of the family caregiver and the health care professional.

In addition to the family caregiver guides, there are specific guides for health care providers to help you understand the family caregiver perspective. These are HIPAA, Medication Management, Assessing Family Caregivers' Needs, Reducing the Stress of Hospitalization on Patients with Dementia and Their Family Caregivers, and Hospital Discharge Planning..

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